Le Label Noir Vol.1 –

Le Label Noir Vol.1 – Various Artists.

Very rarely does a compilation include so many genre-defining artists. LeLabelNoir takes you on a musical journey from 1980 to 1991 in various styles of EBM, electro, synth, and dark ambient atmospheres.The sounds are full and rich and straight from the original masters. No remasterings were done, as it is an important point for LeLabelNoir to keep the original sound of the 80’s intact. The artwork truly compliments the sounds you are about to experience and proves CDs are indeed for collectors too!

LeLabelNoir is a small french label specialized in compilations featuring classics and rare tracks from the 80’s. Many tracks are making their debut on CD for the very first time.
Highly- recommended! Very excited to review the next two installments in this beautiful trilogy. Vol 2 should be ready in the fall or winter of 2011.  

Tracklist ▼
1  Portion Control – He Is A Barbarian    
2  Luc Van Acker – Frozen Tears  
3  Mark Lane –  3rd Party  
4  Twilight Ritual – The Suburban Westland
5  Ende Shneafliet – Session Zeitgeist  
6  Martin Rev –  Asia  
7  Der Plan –  San Jose Car Musak  
8  Doxa Sinistra –  Media Bomb   
9  Skinny Puppy –  Icebreaker  
10  The Klinik –  Nautilus  
11  Bande Berne Crematoire –  Kranzo Roses
12  Liquid G. –  Dust   
13  Matthias Schuster –  Atemlos  
14  Data-Bank-A –  We Are All Involved   
15  Frieder Butzmann –  N’Ga  
16  Smersh –  The Hideous Doctor Sex
17  Mynox Layh –  Moogs
Limited edition release.  Info at: www.myspace.com/lelabelnoir

Be sure and tune in at www.xwaveradio.com to hear this and much more.

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